SUN Mobility is a global leader in providing energy mobility solutions and services to the transportation sector enabling electric vehicles to be refueled in a faster, cheaper and more convenient way; thereby, making mass migration to a sustainable, pollution-free future possible.

SUN Mobility works with fleet operators, shared mobility providers, cities and automotive OEMs across all platforms including 2/3 wheelers and buses to challenge the status quo with an economical, scalable, and smarter way forward.

SUN Mobility aims to provide its customers quality services at all times. In the unfortunate event, if:

  1. The customer’s wallet balance has been deducted and no service has been provided, OR
  2. The customer has been overcharged for services

The customer has the right to request a refund by:

  1. e-mailing us at; OR
  2. directly reaching out to any authorized Swap Point.

The refund will be processed and added to the customer’s wallet within 15 working days of confirmation of refund.

Form MGT-7 2020-2021